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Minimally invasive spine surgery is done to stabilize your spine, relieve pressure on nerves, and to insert innovative devices proven to effectively relieve pain. At Spine & Joint Physicians of Frisco, S. Justin Badiyan, MD, has extensive experience performing minimally invasive spine surgery, an outpatient procedure that promotes fast recovery and return to activity. If you suffer from ongoing pain and you’d like to learn more about minimally invasive spine surgery, call the office in Frisco, Texas, or use the online scheduler today.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Q & A

What is minimally invasive spine surgery?

Minimally invasive spine surgery uses small incisions and specialized surgical instruments and devices that easily fit through the narrow opening. What benefits do I gain from minimally invasive spine surgery?

Traditional open surgery begins with one, long incision, then your skin and muscles are retracted to create an opening large enough for the surgeon to access your spine. By comparison, the small incisions of minimally invasive spine surgery cause significantly less trauma.

With minimally invasive procedures, you experience less bleeding and pain. You also have a lower risk of infection, and your recovery is quicker. Another exceptional advantage of minimally invasive spine surgery is that it spares your muscles.

Instead of cutting through your muscles, Dr. Badiyan creates an incision in the upper tissues then inserts a retractor that gently pushes the muscles out of the way, making room for the surgical instruments. After your surgery, the muscles simply move back into place without a long healing process. No overnight hospital stay is required.

What type of minimally invasive spine surgery might I receive?

As a specialist in interventional pain management, Dr. Badiyan at Spine & Joint Physicians of Frisco often performs minimally invasive spine surgery to implant advanced devices proven to relieve pain. Two examples are:

Vertiflex® Superion® Indirect Decompression System

The Vertiflex Superion is a small decompression device that Dr. Badiyan places between two vertebrae. Once the Superion is in place, it stabilizes the bones and preserves normal movement while also removing pressure on pinched nerves.

Dr. Badiyan may recommend the Superion to treat nerve compression caused by spinal stenosis, which is narrowing of the spinal canal caused by several spinal conditions.

HF10™ therapy

The HF10 is an advanced spinal cord stimulator. The HF10 uses mild electrical pulses to calm nerves and block pain signals without causing the tingling sensations associated with other types of spinal cord stimulators.

Before Dr. Badiyan implants the HF10, you go through a trial period to be sure it works for you. If you decide to keep the device, Dr. Badiyan threads flexible wires along your spine, placing electrodes near the nerves sending pain signals. Then he implants the generator under your skin, connecting it to the wires. 

To learn more about minimally invasive spine surgery procedures that effectively relieve pain, call Spine & Joint Physicians of Frisco, or schedule an appointment online.

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